FeC enhances competence and knowledge across disciplines, from training of craftsmen to welding engineers.

We believe that the distance between offices and workshops often causes poor communication, and that the need to understand each other’s tasks are crucial. At our centre of welding and material technology, we have set up workstations for practical exercises. Here we provide instruction and education for everything from apprentices to engineers who want professional input or a better understanding of each other's work.


Apprentices' final examinations

International Welders Diploma

FeC has established several courses for engineers, craftsmen and apprentices.

Our courses will increase competence and improve communication between departments in your business. We adapt all our courses to suit your needs, but offer e.g.:

  • Basic knowledge of welding

  • Metallurgy for engineers

  • Welding Technical school for craftsmen

We have workstations ready to handle qualifying examinations for apprentices in the subjects welding, hot plate welding and industrial plumbing.

This gives you the opportunity to let apprentices take qualifying examinations in personalized environments, with new equipment and a workstation where QHSE focus is prominent. Meanwhile, you do not tie up valuable capacity of your yard, you either can spend on paid work.

The International Welding Diploma (IIW) is a qualification which demonstrates that the holder has completed minimum requirements for the education, training and examinations which give him or her specific knowledge relevant to responsibilities in welding coordination.

The International Welding Diploma is an education provided by the International Institute of Welding (IIW), ensuring participants' knowledge of physical welding, but also in the theory behind and the processes involved in welding. The participants receive an internationally recognized education, that gives your business the opportunity to take on assignments in the international market. Proficient staff ensures better efficiency and fewer errors in your organisation.