Norway is an expensive production country, and therefore FeC introduces the sharing economy to industry and business. As the only provider in Norway, our offers include diploma rental.

Diploma rental

Cost-efficient solution to obtain required competence.

Expertise and counseling

Within welding and materials technology.

Welding coordination

Project management of your welding operations.

Welding Inspections

Visual testing of welded constructions

Implementation of standards

NS-EN 1090 and NS-EN ISO 3834

We rent out our diplomas along with technical management of welding operations.

Enabling you to cut costs efficiently.

By employing this service, you cover all requirements of NS-EN 1090 and NS-EN ISO 3834 for technical management of welding operations. FeC is the only provider of diploma rental in Norway.

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Your company will have the opportunity to take on jobs with requirements that would otherwise imply hiring qualified engineers.
— Kathrine Molvik, CEO

Welding is a complex process that requires coordination of welding operations to establish trust by welded fabrication and reliability during operation. Our welding coordinators meets all requirements in NORSOK standard M-101, NS-EN ISO 14731, NS-EN 1090 for all EXC-levels, as well as NS-EN ISO 3834-2.

FEC provides services that satisfy customer requirements, and we ensure compliance with international standards.
— Kathrine Molvik, CEO

Deep and diverse experience

Our staff has extensive experience throughout the field of welding engineering. FeC’s team consists of everything from engineers with certificate of apprenticeship, to welding engineers with a MSc in metallurgi. We have experience from large projects in various fields, including subsea, shipping, offshore, aerospace and nuclear energy.

Long and varied experience with a vast array of materials gives us the expertise to solve your challenges. We will gladly guide your welding project in its entirety from start to finish, in Norway or internationally.
— Kathrine Molvik, CEO

Inspection before, during and after welding.

Our welding inspectors are trained according to NS 477 and/or IWI-S/C. We execute welding inspections before, during and after welding operations in accordance with the requirements of the NORSOK standard M-101, NS-EN 1090 and NS-EN ISO 3834.

FeC’s representative can lead and inspect your welding project. Thus, you avoid to hire additional staff.

Our experience gives us the opportunity to make recommendations on findings that are not in accordance with customer requirements or regulated standards.
— Kathrine Molvik, CEO

Preparation and implementation of standards.

From the 1st of July 2014, all building components of steel and aluminum are required to be CE-marked according to NS-EN 1090-1. This regulates conformity assessment and performance characteristics of constructions in strength, stability and fire resistance.

NS-EN ISO 3834 is a system that specifies the requirements for welding metal in three levels of quality, from elementary to comprehensive requirements. Our employees have the relevant education for the preparation and implementation of both NS-EN 1090 and NS-EN ISO 3834 in your company. This also includes training of your employees, enabling them to carry out their work in accordance with the requirements.